Focusing on what people are saying about your restaurant should be a “culture” thing


Poor culture doesn’t only affect your business by deterring new employee talent, it can also be a real turn off for your consumers. Whatever way you look at it, your business culture affects reputation.

Businesses are under increasing scrutiny from the media, consumers, employees and other stakeholders.

Your business’s reputation must be managed in this digital age. Management of your reputation begins with assessing the culture that your restaurant has developed. Are they pro- your business, apathetic about working here, or do they dread coming in every shift they have?

Your customer experience is a direct result of your business culture and nowadays- the fact is, you can’t hide a bad business culture anymore.

Poor practice in business used to be able to be hidden away from potential customers, but not anymore. Technology has changed- buying decisions are influenced by product/service reviews on a wide range of social media platforms and review sites, like Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor to name a few.

As a result, developing a positive company culture is no longer optional. To survive in today’s marketplace, businesses have to create a culture that both their employees and their consumers can connect with. FACT: Good culture is an essential ingredient of business success.

If there is one thing that can be inferred from the rise of social media and the digital age, it is that this is the era of review. The rise of the review culture is most prevalent among small businesses. While we often hear about the importance of things such as a strong social media presence, we often miss the importance of reviews. In fact, it has made its place in the creation and execution of business marketing plans.

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