How do you change the culture of Your Restaurant?


Imagine this scenario in Your Restaurant

At the end of the meal/service, the server will ask how was everything? (receives and responds to customer answer) and then say something like “well we really appreciate you coming in and we want to send you a reward for joining us today.”

“Would you like that reward by email or text?”

At this point the customer is sent a “reward coupon” for their next visit (a bounce-back) and inside of that communication we ask for a review. We then manage the review placement whether positive or negative and to what platform we need the reviews the most on (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc.)

Culture Change?

The culture change occurs as we are able to get and continue employee “buy-in” by rewarding them for participating because with Reviewzi you can now track and then compensate who in your business is proudly participating in the process for your restaurant. Your employees now know YOUR restaurant cares about what its customers think and are willing to compensate them, as an employee, for buying into this culture- developing pride, camaraderie, and satisfied workers along the way.

Customer reviews are great for showing consumers how amazing you are, they’re also a good way to evaluate how your team is functioning. By tracking analyzing the feedback you receive, you can keep an eye on what is working and what isn’t.

Soon, you will see your new culture start to grow as the customer is welcomed and seated by the initial greeter, by the energetic and professional server welcome, to the quality of the kitchen output, to the server being the QC person for each order they serve, to the manager stopping by, to customers getting rewarded for coming in, etc. Employees of a restaurant- that have a “review culture”- KNOW they are being expected and rewarded for providing a superior customer experience.

Each employee of a restaurant that has a “review culture” KNOWS what the expectations are and are rewarded in so many ways for providing superior customer service for your customers- and are proud to be part of the team.

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